Photos not saving on waypoint mission

I flew four waypoint missions, on two drones, Mini SE and Mini 2, using Iitchi on iOS (iphone 14). In each case I had the waypoint settings set to tilt camera (-90), stay for (.5s), take photo. Each mission had around 200 waypoints (so I was expecting 200 photos). The flights went well, going to each waypoint as I’d expected, then finally returning to home.

However when I reviewed the SD cards only a couple of photos were saved. The cards still had plenty of space, and are good quality. I’ve flown similar missions before and the photos always saved. I’m at a loss as to what is causing this. Any ideas?

Did you make sure you’[d got it set for a straight line mission

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Just to emphasize what @Martin_Reading said, this is from the Litchi Help site under Waypoint Actions:


Thanks @Martin_Reading and @Sam_G! That fixed things. Use the straight line option. Appreciate the help here :).