Photo poi on a mission

Today I decided to try Litchi - at least I downloaded it! I am a complete novice using a Mini2 with Android. I am staggered by the box of opportunities I have opened. I have been reading about missions and have looked at a number of YouTube videos but I am left with one question. If I plan a mission with waypoints and incorporate some POIs, is it possible to arrange for the drone to photograph the POI? I.e. can the drone be told to point at the POI to get a properly framed photo automatically before flying on to the next waypoint?


Hello @David_Seymour and welcome
Absolutely, you can do that.
In the Waypoint settings, you can set the POI number for the camera to point toward. You can use the Waypoint actions to (for example) ‘Stay For’ a couple of seconds to let the drone stabilize, then ‘Take Photo’ before moving to the next waypoint.
The next waypoint might be pointed to the same POI to give a different angled photo, or it could focus on a different POI.
Lot of different possibilities.
Good luck, let us know how things turn out or if you have other questions.

Lots of info on the Litchi Help site about waypoints

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Many thanks! Getting very excited :slight_smile:

Make sure you have the Path Mode (in Mission settings) set to Straight Lines.
If it is set to ‘Curved Turns’, the waypoint actions are ignored.