Photo Orbits for telecom

I’m doing flight testing for a telecom job. They prefer we use automated methods to do the job. So, I need to use Orbit, which I haven’t done on auto before (because it almost always fails). I just went out and did a test flight using the built in Hyperlapse in the DJI Go 4 software and continually got the error “subject too close”. I need to be able to shoot at the distance required by the company.

Does anyone have any experience with telecom? Will Litchi work better for these purposes? The drone needs to be able to get in fairly close to the subject, circle and be set to take photos at regular intervals. My training contact has said some pilots they have use the DJI software and some use Litchi.

From what you describe it sounds like Litchi would do the job. Litchi does have an Orbit function. You can also set up taking photos at timed intervals. Waypoints may also be used to pre-plan photo locations. There are also tools that you can use to create circular missions or missions with photos taken at cardinal directions. If you haven’t already done so, take a look at Litchi’s Mission Hub.