Photo interval and video recording

When you set Photo interval in waypoint mission setting (e.g. every 10sec), and have action defined to start and stop recording (e.g. 1st WP and last WP) - does that work? Can drone record video while taking pics, or video will be interrupted?

No, taking photos while video recording is not possible.
This also implies:
If you want to use the photo interval feature, you have to make sure that ‘Auto Record’ is turned Off.

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Got it thanks.

Do you have any recommendations to make waypoint video more smooth? I fly DJI Mini2 and it the video looks not too smooth. I wonder if there is recommended flight speed to make it better? My missions were 2-3 m/s cruising speed so far with curved turns. Either Focus POI or Interpolate gimbal settings

There are multiple threads about this.
Use the search function.

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@VF1 While there are many things such as wind and signal interference that can affect how smoothly your drone flies a mission, there is a big issue called (VSC) Virtual Stick Commands that affects nearly all DJI Fly app drones. But as @Yordie said, use the search function magnifying glass to research this topic further and also check out this link: Search results for 'vsc' - Litchi Forum

thanks Steve. I am new to Litchi and didn’t realize newer DJI Fly drone arent able to fly missions within uninterrupted connection to controller. Iam glad I checked that before flying mission outside of range of my RC. This is very unexpected these drone aren’t able to store the mission on-board and execute them and have to rely on VSC.

@VF1 The older Go and Go4 DJI drones will still work out of RC range since those missions are stored onboard. They are also considerably smoother filming their missions since they don’t have to deal with signal interruptions or other RC related issues.