Photo Internal not producing the expected number of photos

Hey guys. I have a Mavic 2 Pro and was using waypoints to create a timelapse mission. The flight time was approximately 2:23s. I had the interval set to one photos every 0.5s. With an interval like that I should be getting approximately 263 images. However when I looked I only got 61. I had my settings set to record both raw and jpg. Both RAW and jpg gave me 61 images each. What can be the cause of this?

Thanks in advance

Welcome @joshua ,
More than likely, its the MicroSD card speed that is too slow. When you take both JPG and RAW, it takes longer to write to the card (anywhere from 3x or more). With an interval of 0.5 seconds per photo, it isnt completing the write process for one before its time to take another.


I upgraded to the fastest card I could find and even on a 2:33 flight where I set the interval to every 1 second Im only getting 100 photos where I should be getting 153. Andy thoughts on this. Shooting RAW and JPG doesn’t change the end result. Still get about 100 photos.

In a perfect world, yes you should get 153 images for a 2:33 flight. That is, if the photos start taking the instant the flight starts and if the processing of those images could be done in 1 second or less.
I’m sure you can hear the artificial shutter sound that Litchi makes when it captures an image.
I suspect the lower number of photos is limited by the time it takes to write both JPG and RAW images to the MicroSD card. Just the RAW images are about 40MB while is about the write speed of the SD card. Then another fraction of that time to write the 10MB JPG.
You’re still getting images captured to the card every 1.53 seconds, which is pretty good.

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Just because Litchi allows you to set an ‘internal’ of 0.5 seconds doesn’t mean your drone is able to.

According to the specifications of the Mavic 2 Pro, the shortest interval for JPEG pictures is 2 seconds and for RAW is 5 seconds.
(page 63 in the Mavic 2 User Manual).

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Isnt that just for the AEB interval settings? I’m not sure, just asking.
Thats the only time I’ve seen an interval setting when I use the GO 4 app.
@joshua is getting them faster than a 2 second interval according to his post.

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My mistake. I wasn’t clear. I have it set to RAW only and then switched to JPG only and still got the same amount of photos. I guess I COULD just slow down the speed of the drone to capture more images.

You can’t set an interval with AEB.
Besides that, AEB/Bracketing with a time delay of 2 or more seconds between exposers doesn’t make any sense. The resulting HDR photo would most likely have a lot of motion blur and/or other irregularities.

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