Photo Capture Interval

I can see how to enable Photo Capture Intervals via waypoints. Is there a way to permanently enable Photo Capture Interval - say 3 seconds - for every flight I take? (Including flights with no waypoints.)

Yes you can.
You have to set the camera shooting mode to “Interval”, in the camera-settings.

Thanks but ‘Interval’ is not there on mine (Android) Litchi/Camera/Settings(v4.24.1-g)

You have to connect the drone to the controller and turn everyting ON in order to be able to change camera settings.

Drone is connected to controller, and everything is on. Cannot see ‘Interval’.

Button #13 in the screenshot at:

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Many thanks TriBar!
(I was looking at Settings / Camera via extreme top right icon)
Problem solved!
Happy Christmas All!