Phone charging and Flight Logs

I am a new user and I have 2 questions if someone would be kind enough to answer:

Can I keep my iPhone on charge whilst using the Litchi app (this is available in DJIFly)
Can I access Flight Logs if I am not a Mac OS user (I am a Windows PC user)

Thank you very much for any assistance.

I am not aware of any charging option in Litchi like there is in the DJI apps.

Yes, you can access the flight logs using a Windows PC. To do that you use iTunes. You navigate to file sharing, then select Litchi, then select flightlogs, then select save…

Edited: Made a few corrections.

Thank you very much for your reply.

For the flight logs, just get an airdata account them set them to automatically upload to there, then you can view them whatever device you use

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Thanks Martin - I will investigate that.