Phone capability Honor 20

Can any one confirm they use Litchi app with Honor 20 phone Trying to use follow and it gives error of GPS accuracy not good enough. Have tried various locations with no luck. Have messed around with phone settings still no joy. Am I missing something or is phone just unsuitable. Any help much appreciated. Cheers Mike

Try to disable wifi/bluetooth to make sure they don’t interfere with the actual GPS sensor

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Hi Mike and Vico,
I recognize Mikes issue. Not on an Honor 20 but in my case on a Note 9. In follow mode the accuracy is not of for meters but sometimes even km’s. In open field. It’s driven me crazy. When I check the gps accuracy with another app simultaniously it states the phone gps is accurate within a few meters not the km’s mentioned in Litchi.
Some setting in Litchi or a bug maybe?
Who can help me out.
Thx, GP

Eventually got success for the mini 2 drone to Follow. After 2 crashes fortunately no damage done. I decided to read up for more info. Not sure what icon below follow select is. But I think it is something to do with dynamic homepoint.and I think that had been active when I tried initially. Either it was that or I went though every app to shut down so that none were running in background. Anyway had success and I am a little more confident now as runaways a scarey. Happy flying