Phone call access?

I just bought Litchi to go with my Mini 2. I’m new to this, but I like what I see on youtube. However, I have an extremely serious question about it. the first question it asks during installation is, will I allow it to place and receive phone calls. Why? Is it going to call all the LItchi users in my neightborhood? I need a good answer before I uninstall the software!!!

I’m paranoid, and I’m using a phone with no phone service attached as my controller.

PS, is there a customer support phone# or other contact? I couldn’t find it on the website

It has been a while since I have installed Litchi. I do not remember it specifically asking about the phone. However, Litchi does need (and asks for) access to a number of phone functions such as:

  1. Location services
  2. Bluetooth
  3. Local network
  4. Cellular data

Are you sure it specifically asked about the phone (to place and receive calls)? That doesn’t sound correct to me.

Since you are using a phone with no phone service, there is no need to be paranoid.

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Permission for calls is needed so that the phone does not receive incoming calls and SMS when the drone is flying.


Actually there is. When I try to run the software it asks me for username and password. If it’s asking me to log on to some internet network and I’m using a phone with no phone service, canb I use the software. If it’s asking me to log on to something other than my phone, is it tracking something and sending it to something other than my flight log. Also, do I still need to use the beta version for my Mini 2. It’s not clear to me.

It doesn’t ask to block calls, it asks for permission to make and receive calls.

It is asking you to log into your Litchi account. One of the main selling points of Litchi is the ability to design your missions on the “Mission Hub” using a desktop computer. Then, sign in to that same Litchi account on your phone to access and fly those missions. If your phone does not have cellular data, connect it to WiFi before leaving home, and open Litchi to access your “Mission Hub” missions. That way, when you are away from WiFi, those missions will remain on your phone.

No. The Mini 2 is fully supported.

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The DJI SDK requires the phone permission to get an id for the device (most likely IMEI). Without it, the SDK won’t register and Litchi then cannot connect to DJI drones.
It is not to make or manage calls.

If you don’t want to recieve phone calls & SMS just put your phone in airplane mode.
As usual: paxxa’s comment is pure nonsense.!

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Do you mean this?

“Downloading DJI Database…”
This is a mandatory procedure at the first start. You will always need mobile internet to download google maps.

After the first launch, you can turn off the mobile Internet and use the application offline always. But you will have problems with google maps.

This is complete nonsense. Dji does not request imei via litchi.

If this is complete nonsense why did Vico state this?

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But not imei. Imei has nothing to do with dji sdk. You can like each other as much as you like, this will not change the logic of the program

In other words, if dji were to ask for the imei of your mobile device, how would your drone know your imei? Your drone is not connected to the internet!

You have completely lost the plot. Here is what you said:

Here is what Vico said:

The point is, the SDK requires some sort of device ID. Yordie suggested it might be the IMEI. It might be some other ID. It doesn’t really matter. The purpose for the request was to gain access to a device ID.

Now, go ahead and defend your initial assertion.

This is what loads the device when the database is loaded.

It’s just to find out what changed in the phone when litchi started for the first time

According to the DJI SDK documentation:
A unique code is generated using the device’s IMEI and Android ID which is then stored locally for future use.