Phone Cable too Short for VR using old style Mavic Controllers?

 I have been trying to find a 2ft. or longer cable to run from my phone to the Mini SE controller that I have so that VR viewing is more comfortable.  The problem is that they apparently don't make a longer cable for the Type A mini connector any more and the Micro USB image on the controller only refers to charging!.  
 After checking everything I could on Amazon and Ebay, I checked out the DJI Forum to see what they suggested.  After checking for hours like I did they came to the conclusion that a Type C male to Type C female extension was the way to go.  Just plug the original Type A-C connector into the Type C extension.   The Type A connector from the original cable plugs into the controller while the other end plugs into the extension to your phone.  Happy Viewing!!

With an OTG-cable/dongle connected to your phone you can use any micro-USB data cable from the controller to the OTG-cable/dongel.

Something like this:

Is there a problem with the extension solution?

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘extension solution’.

My original post mentioned the DJI Forum and their solution to the short Type A cable for early Mavic mini controllers being a Type C male to Type C female extension cable. Their solution was to plug the original cable into the controller (Type A) and then plug the other end Type C, into the extension which then plugs into the phone.

The Mavic Mini has no Type-A connector (port), only a micro-USB connector (port).

Buy an OTG-cable for either your controller or your phone, then you can use any standard USB-A to USB-C/micro-USB/Lightning-cable.

This one fits the Mavic Pro, Mavic Air, and Mavic Mini controllers:

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