Phantom3A battery warning

When I connect Litchi to my P3A I get a warning on my tablet screen:
Battery needs a complete process of charging and discharging. Or else, battery may drop during flight and affect the safety of your flight. Solution: After flight… and no more. Message over!!
What is the solution? How do I discharge a battery. Do I have to run the drone to dicharge?

I can start flying with fully loaded battery, but after about two minutes, the drone lands and stop.
/Lasse C

How old is the battery, how many charging cycles has it been through, what are the climatic conditions like, the battery may well have reached the end of its life.

Do you log your flights to Airdata, if so select the power tab and see what info is in there

1.Install propellers on the drone.
2.Insert the battery.
3.Start the Motors by CSC (Combination Sick Command).
5.Leave the drone until it shuts off by iyself.
6.Charge the battery.
Repeat steps 2 to 6
Now you have done the complete process of charching and discharging.

Insert the battery and start the drone.
In the DJI GO app go to Aircraft Battery.
Read the current Total Capacity of the battery (a new battery is 4480mAh).
If it’s below 3500mAh you shouldn’t use it anymore.

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Martin and Yordie
The battery is between 5-10 years old and has 150 charging cycles and 3800 mAh remains.
Unfortunately the motors don´t start due to low battery probably so I have to let the voltage drop without the motors running and leave it till it stops according to pt.5
/Lasse C