Phantom Advanced Gimbal problem

Good day,

A vriend of mine crashed his Phantom Advanced into a tree, breaking its roll arm. Due to financial restraints, I offered to try and fix it for free (excluding spares). I managed to find a replacement roll arm which I installed successfully. Mechanically everything seems to be fine, but not.

The gimbal goes through all its start up test movements but seem not to be able to find its calibration or something similar. (I Have a short video showing the start up sequence.) The pitch motor does not switch off at the end of the sequence which cause it to get quite hot. Have anyone experienced a similar problem?

Can you possible help met with some advice or ideal how to solve the problem?



If no one here in the Litchi Forum can help you with this issue, you can try the DJI Products section of their website. This link will take you to the Phantom part of the website and has DJI people that try to help.

I have repaired a Phantom 3 gimbal. The two most common causes of the problem you describe are either a defective or improperly attached ribbon cable (did you replace yours?) or a gimbal motor that is out of alignment. There are many YouTube videos about repairing Phantom gimbals. Without looking too hard, I found one that shows how someone aligned one of the motors. You should do some searching on YouTube to find one that closely matches the repairs you have done.