Phantom 4 shows disconnected

I have a Phantom 4 that I am trying to get to work after not using it for a year or so. I updated the firmware and it connects to the remote (green lights all-round), even allowing me to start the propellors, but it shows Disconnected and won’t show the camera view or any data other than location on the map.

I have tried using my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra with only Litchi downloaded, an old Samsung S8 with DJI Go 4, and an older Ipad Mini with DJI Go 4 but always get the Disconnected message. I even re-synced the controller to the drone but it still won’t connect.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Both controller and drone batteries are fully charged as well.

This could be a ‘dry’ solder joint on the RC’s USB-A connector.
Reflowing the pins on that connector would fix this issue.
Take a look at this video:

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