Phantom 4 Pro Plus

Will flylitchi work with Phantom 4 Pro PLUS?
I hooked one end of the usb cable to my Galaxy 22 ultra and the other end to the micro usb on the Plus controller and… nothing happens. I’ve tried a dozen times which represents about 1/10th of the tries I attempted to get Go4 to work to fix a black Mapbox!
So far Software 2, me 0

Any help would be appreciated including, but not limited to, help removing any non-green items and locating the nearest dumpster!

The PLUS controller has the built-in Android screen, doesnt it? You just need to install Litchi on the controller.

Here you can read what to do:

I’ve tried that using the browser on it and using a SD from my desktop and it just sits there and doesn’t as me which app to open like GO4 or Litchi which I believe is what it should do. I’m partially brain dead from trying to get Litchi and/or GO4 mapbox to work.
I’ll try again I may very well be missing something obvious, I guess.
Thanks for the quick reply I do appreciate you reaching out.
One thing I noticed too is that Litchi never mentions the P4PP specifically. Seems this happens often whether it is compatible or not with the +. Dji often just says P4P.

I saw that but for some reason I guess because it didn’t say for the Plus I didn’t try.
I’ll give that shot.

Thank you!

Here is a YouTube link, forward to 4:30 and he walks you thru it.

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