Perform Actions at First and Last Waypoints of a Curved Turns Waypoint Mission

Add the capability to perform defined actions at both the first and last waypoints of a waypoint mission.

I understand that for all intermediary waypoints, the drone never actually arrives at the waypoint, but on completed missions, the drone always arrives at the first and last waypoints, right?

Litchi is stopping him from doing this now. Path Mode must be set to straight lines for waypoint actions to be executed. Path Mode affects the entire mission.


Litchi User Guide says that actions are not performed at any waypoint if “curved turn” mission setting is selected.

Actions: take photo, start recording, stop recording, etc.

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He has a curved mission setup so he gets nice smooth video but would like to do actions at the first waypoint and the last waypoint which the drone will actually arrive at unlike all the other waypoints in a curved mission that the drone actually does not arrive at shheeesh


Taking action at start and/or end of mission can be handy. Photos, pano, start recording, etc

Since the drones actually arrives at those waypoint positions, in theory actions could be fired off - program design allowing.

I’m not sure why you are having a hard time understanding this. It would be desirable to design a mission with curved turns (for smooth video) and have the drone automatically start recording at waypoint 1 and automatically stop recording at the last waypoint.

I love Litchi’s waypoint planning and sharing capabilities - on app or in Mission Hub.

However, that does not mean improvements in design cannot be made.

I have also purchased a competing app - primarily for 3D geofencing so my grandkids can learn to fly but in a safely walled off area in the sky.

That app seems to allow actions at waypoints where a corner radius is 0 - which the starting and ending waypoint always are.

I have also made a suggestion to update Litchi to allow action at waypoints with 0 length curved on a Curved Turns mission.

Sure there are workarounds - and it costs $ and time to change programming, Litchi will decide what they want to offer their pilots and what priorities they will give to different enhancements.

I understand and accept all that.

I can use different apps for different functionality. No problem. But the idea of making a Straightline Mission with lots of close waypoints to emulate a Curved Turns Mission as reasonably close as possible isn’t for me

Thanks for the idea though - always good to think outside the box.


In a ‘Straight Lines’ mission the aircraft will stop at each waypoint.
So it’s a worthless idea to get cinematic footage.

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I understand this. I am talking about Curved Turns Missions and reject the idea of using Straightline Missions for my purposes.

Thanks. As previously stated, competing piloting software says it can perform actions at any waypoint defined with 0 degrees curve (which would be like turns in Straightlines for Litchi). I need to test this out over the next few days to verify - but if true, that would seem to indicate it is not a limitation of the sdk. If thi tests out, one can mix waypoints with curves and with no curves - and execute actions at waypoints with no curves.

At any rate, I can use the other software for waypoint missions if I prefer to initiate actions at certain defined waypoints. I like Litchi’s waypoint planning design in the app more than the other app - but functionality is different and I can use either according to my preferences.

We don’t need to make this too big a deal. If Litchi can’t or doesn’t want to do something like my two suggestions, that is certainly their right.

As I stated, I bought the other app for functionality that Litchi does not offer - virtual 3D geofencing in the sky so my grandkids can learn how to fly - but safely within a defined 3D area in the sky. I consider this a fantastic way to let the kids have the sticks and learn how to fly.

I enjoy Litchi - especially their Mission Hub for planning missions on my larger desktop screen. I also prefer their mobile device planning process. I am new to flying - a couple months of fly when I can. I will most likely settle in on which app I will use for different needs.

Take care !!

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I will let everyone know here what the competing app does with my Mini 2 drone in regards to performing actions on the first and last waypoint - and in regards to performing actions at intermediate waypoints with 0 ft (or degree, whatever term they use) curves. I will fly some tests with that other app over the next few days…

If functionality depends upon the drone, that dependency should be defined in user manuals. If it is, I have missed it to-date.

Take care.

I think you have a good point. I’m using Litchi now for three weeks and I was surprised that it was not possible to start recording. An other thing is that when I was in video mode and I wanted to make some pictures at some waypoint, the app refuses that to do. I had to switch it manually to photo mode.
Or……… do I something wrong……