Part 107 FAA. No fly zones

I have obtained my part 107 lic from the FAA and complete 5-7 commercial flights per day during the week. Many of the areas I fly in are close to no fly zones or MOA and alert zones.

I don’t mind getting FAA waivers and clearance however, what is the process to unlock the drone in or near a no-fly zone with proper approval.

I have OnePlus 9 phone and I’m flying the Air 2S. The DJI app no longer works and DJI had to send me a specific APK file to work around which I’m not very comfortable installing on my phone.

I absolutely love using the litchi app

This must be done in the DJI Fly app prior to using Litchi. If DJI Fly is no longer working, you will need to troubleshoot that to get this resolved.

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