Panoramic mode does not give results i expected

I paid for Litchi app for my DJI MAVIC mini and now I experience that this option does jus ttake 28 pictures but does not create the final panoramic picture as a result because it seems I have an android and not an IOs. There should be no difference between two kinds of tablets. When will this funtion be enabled for android users?

As you have discovered, the IOS app supports the stitching of panorama photos but the Android version does not. I do not know the reason for this but it could be that either the IOS MSDK or the IOS platform makes that function possible or easier to implement.

The Litchi developers have said that they would like to implement photo stitching on the Android platform but there are other higher priority items in their backlog.

In the meantime, there is other software that can perform the stitching function arguably better than what can be done on your phone/tablet. PTGui or ICE are popular choices. I use ICE.

To isté som dnes zistil, nespája fotky.
Mám mini SE
Inak aplikácií nedôverujem, žije si svoj život, lietam stále z app od DJI.
Vedel som že nemôže fungovať, chcel som skúsiť.
Nafotiť a spojiť externé dokážem aj DJI app.