Panoramic folder

I bought the app to take some good pics on vacation. I been watching videos in YouTube. On the one for panoramic photos has a folder to look at all the panos you created. On Android there is no folder option. And when you stitch them together using lightroom it’s super confusing cause nothing is labeled what is from a pano and what is not. Is there any way to make this process easy? Any help/ feed back would be greatly appreciated


How many times have customers asked the same questions? Is it really so hard to fix these little things???

Have a look at this thread:

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Why does ios have the panoramic folder and android doesn’t its obviously not dji if ios has it?

It is DJI.

iOS and Android are two different SDK’s.

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Gotcha guess I’ll just use dji fly for panos. I paid 25$ for way points for my mini cause tracking barely works at best. Thought this would be alot better for the price you pay

Have a go at Follow Mode: