Panorama in Android App

Hello, I am trying Panorama with default options. I do get a bunch (22) jpg images. How can I turn them into a browsable panorama or upload them to Google Photos to see from that app ? I tried using Hugin to build a final panorama out of all jpegs but the app is awful and buggy, unable to complete anything usable, or am I a bad user ?
Please, let me know if there is any way to get the Panorama function useful !

For stitching 360 panoramas on PC, I normally use ICE

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I use Bimostitch Pro on my Android devices. It works pretty darn well.

Hi. I also use Bimostitch. If I remember correctly, it was $5 for the pro version. It is pretty fast and accurate. If you have a pixel phone that missing bit of information (photos missing on the ceiling) +20 interpolate and above are rendered automatically.