Panorama, doesn't take the stated number of pics

Having watched a couple of videos on the subject I thought I’d try and do a panorama for the 1st time with the Litchi app.
I set it with 12 columns and 9 rows the app said it should take 94 pics, which I thought be ample to make a decent panorama.
I had two separate runs at it then went home to see the results. It turns out that on both attempts it only took 22 pics, can anyone explain this??

22 photos is the standard number for an “auto-pano”. My guess is that you configured your pano settings but then pressed the globe icon. The globe icon takes an “auto-pano”. What you should do is configure your setting then press the “Start” button at the bottom of the settings dialog.

For what it’s worth, 9 rows is probably more than you need but it should work.

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wesbarris, yeah pretty sure that’s what I did.
At least it’s an easy fix for my next attempt, fingers crossed.
Thanks a lot.

Just to let you know you were 100% correct, all fine now.