Panorama auto stitching Android

I believe that in the latest Litchi for Android that after shooting the panorama pictures litchi will download and auto stitch them.
I have the latest Beta version but it doesn’t happen. It just saves them on the drone card. There is no folder icon on the screen below the world icon in panno either as I have seen in YouTube videos about it.

Any idea what is wrong?

You are wrong:

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Please enlighten me then.
In what way am I wrong?
A I doing something wrong or doesn’t litchi support auto stitching on Android (which would be bloody stupid if you can on crappy Apple)

Android will perform an Auto-Pano. It will rotate and tilt and capture images.
Stitching only occurs on the IOS platform.
Look at the What’s new - Litchi link that @Yordie sent, and search the page for panorama. It will highlight each occurrence.

Panorama Database (iOS only)

The Panorama Database lets you stitch, view and share the panoramas you have shot all within Litchi.

Thanks for that. I was told that it now supported auto stitching on Android but I guess it doesn’t. It’s a shame as world wide Android outnumbers ios massively.
I have seen on litchi what’s new that DJI is dropping support for iPhone.

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