Pano only 22 shots


I am relatively new to droning.

Have installed Litchi on the RC Pro for DJI air2s and it seems to work fine, but I have the following problem with the panos:
Rows and columns are set so that the app reports 55 photos.
But only 22 shots are created. Regardless of the setting of rows and columns, only 22 shots are created! What could be the problem?

Thanks for the help and greetings


22 photos are captured when shooting an auto-panorama using the globe icon.

From your description, my best guess is that you are going into panorama settings, selecting your panorama options, then selecting the globe icon (auto-panorama) to shoot the pano.

You need to choose your panorama settings, then use the “Start” button at the bottom of the Settings dialog to shoot a manual pano.

If this does not address your question we will need a few more details from you.


Thank’s a lot. Now it’s working!!

Best regards


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