Panik Button on Remote Control

Hi, everyone. I have a DJI Mini2 I bought the app a year ago. But you can only use it now since the update. I tried something today. And created a Waypoint order on the PC. He also flies the waypoints well. Only I have one problem. I cannot intervene during an order. eg stop or something. Is there an emergency button on the remote control to intervene quickly if something doesn’t go according to plan?

I would like to be able to intervene manually at any time.

To regain control of your drone at any time during an autonomous flight, change the flight mode of your drone to Sport mode and then back to Normal

On the mini 2 there is a panic button. It is the circular button on the left side of the switch. It is labeled pause and RTH. Clicking that will immediately stop the drone from any mode, even if you’re manually flying using the sticks, or waypoint, it doesn’t matter, it will stop the drone whenever you click it. But if you hold it, it will start an auto Return to home, pretty useful!