Paid but almost impossible to use! is the best permanent solution to NFZ limitation.
I use it on my Mavic 2 zoom and DJI Air.
Good luck

NFZ’s are there for a reason

But for mini 2 there is no nfz firmware.

Hey Martin, good evening. Thank you very much for the warning and you are indeed very correct. The NFZ are there for a reason, in fact, much more than a good reason. Let me introduce myself… I have been a professional aircraft pilot since I was 19 years old, today I am 60, I know very well why the NFZ exists. The fact is that knowing all the reasons (and I live them in my reality daily) I am foolish to “play” my MINI 2 responsibly. But the reason for my post is not for this reason (NFL), but for the difficulty in releasing the NFL for Litchi. Thank you immensely for your help. Thank you and have a nice weekend.

In fact, what I wanted was the possibility of enabling my MINI 2 to fly in Litchi just like the DJI Fly. Nothing more than this.

Good day Robson,

I have a DJI Mini2 and an Android phone. I have both DJI Fly and Litchi on the same phone without any problems. Fortunately I’m outside of thd Airport no fly zone, even hough the extended flight path goes overhead.

At start up, I am asked if I want to use DJI Fly or Litchi. So no conflict of having both software on the same phone.

I have made very good use of Litchi. Some initial practice around home to get a feel for it and be able to plan flying in Litchi Mission and review the result on Goodle World?? Before trying it in practice. Once I had built confidence I’ve planned Missions on the computer and then gone and flown them remote from home.

I think it is a great extension to the Mini2 capabiliry

I hope this is helpful for you.

Good flying

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Hi Les, good morning. What I would like was simply the opportunity to use Litchi with more options such as enabling NFZ on it. Hugs and good flights.

Good day Robson

Well, Litchi/NFZ has nothing to do with each other. It is inside drones.
I mean they work together the same way DJI app or any other drone apps, but the impulse comes from drone, and this is why it has to be unlocked either inside the drone programing or from the input from app once you get authorization.

This is why I paid $40 for unlocking code from drone-hacks. I was tired of DJI telling me I cannot fly, even after I got authorization from government.

Check this site to get more info, advice and code if you decide to go ahead. They are very helpful and answer any questions you may have

It unlocked NFZ for entire world inside drone. I fly I Canada and entire European Union without any problems.

Of course I follow the government flying rules /restrictions but sometimes we are in the area we can fly but DJI thinks we cannot.
They restrictions are kind of general and not very accurate.

Good luck

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What drone do you fly?

Hi BPA, good morning. I fly a Mini 2.

I understand about you. I’m interested in les

Hi Less, good morning again. So, it really is a good option to unlock and fly around the world. I’m just a little upset that I don’t have access through Litchi to import the licenses, which in turn is not complicated to obtain. In any case, I will carefully consider your suggestion. lol lol Thanks in advance for your suggestion and help. Good flights there. If I have any questions, I consult you, ok?

You can forget about it, because there are no hacked firmware on mini2

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Sure, any time. The procedure is very simple. I decided to buy this unlocking because I wanted to fly in EU and the power/range is 1/2 what we have in North America.
At the same time part of this package was ability to unlock DJI NFZ (crappy).
The only stuff you need is…email, $40, PC running Windows 10 (they recommend), but I use Windows 8.1 and it worked well and about 15 minutes of your time. Haha
The licence is for one drone.
By the way, you can turn on NFZ restrictions ON and OFF if you want to using apps (Litchi or DJI)
They are great and ready to help within minutes.
In my opinion the procedure is very safe and worth the money.
Just remember, pay attention to: your drone type, version number.
They website will guide you and double check your decision before you pay.

Good luck.

What drone model do you have?

Hi Les, good evening. Well, I will think all about you said and decide later. Really can be a good option to fly no restrictions. Talking about software, its necessary to take care to avoid to get the wrong version. One more time, thanks a lot. Good flights!

Good luck my friend.
Anything you want to learn/know is on their is very informative.
By version number I mean inside the drone firmware, and NOT applications on your phone/tablet.

Yes, I understood your explanation about firmware and will visit the site of them. Thank you one more time and good flights!

Litchi has no connection to DJI zones. The zones are baked into the Mini 2 for example. Launch in DJI App, apply your unlock key and DJI App exports the unlock code to the drone.
Then switch DJI App off and load Litchi.
Litchi ONLY controls the sticks by effectively replacing our wobbly fingers.
That is my experience after several false starts. I blamed Litchi until I had the above pointed out to me by a more experienced person.

With regard to positioning error, I have found that adjusting location default down to 5M helped enormously.

Hmm. Sounds like good advice.

How does one adjust the location default down to 5m?