Orthomosaic image with Litchi and Mini 2

Hello Everyone,
I got a used Mini 2 to carry out inspection of my roof, more or less, a couple of times a year.
It is a simple activity of checking the condition and cleanliness of the roof, solar panels and gutters.

In my head, I had created the initial idea of getting a ‘panoramic’ photo by combining several individual shots, so that I would have one single high-definition photo of the entire roof.

Before getting the drone, I had researched various solutions for creating grid paths (Grid Mission Designer from my new idol @James1 ), a guidance system that would allow flight by waypoints (Litchi), and I then concentrated on finding a drone that was compatible with what I had described (DJI Mini 2).

Unfortunately, I took it for granted that one could easily create images composed of the union of many shots (panorama type).

I am now coming up against the problem I had overlooked, namely the realisation of what I only later discovered was called an orthomosaic.

Is there a simple and, possibly free, system to satisfy this personal and private need of mine?

I have actually found many solutions online, but they all cost a lot of money or are very complicated.

PS. I just found WebODM lightning and opened an account.
At first glance, the interface does not seem very friendly to a newby like me. I guess I will have to work hard to achieve my (apparently) simple goal.
Of course any help or advice will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

I have used Microsoft’s Image Composite Editor. Its an archived program that is no longer updated, but it works and its free.
Several links can be found for ICE 2.0.3
Here is one:


Thank you very much Sam.
Going to give it a try!

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I have been able to fly a couple of missions but I am failing to understand the ICE program: how do you choose the settings for the panorama? Do you have to manually figure out the direction the drone tracked and input the overlaps to match the mission?

Click the ‘Simple Panorama’ and leave the camera motion set to ‘Auto Detect’
It will perform some kind of magical things in the next screen. You’ll see it Aligning and Compositing Images.

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You are correct. Once I past that step things made more sense. Pretty good and fast program for stitching these images. I need to move on to something with GIS that will work with Google Maps, though.

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