Orbit under 5 meters altitude

is anyone of you know how to make an orbit under 5 meters altitude from the take off point ?
neither with litchi or dji go I managed do circle under 5 meters.
With litchi, automaticly go up to 5 meters even I point the poi of the orbit 30 meters under.
thank you in advance, your solution will be a game changer for what I have to do. :wink:
(using a mavic or a phantom, same limit)

This is a limit set by DJI in the SDK.
You could try to manually fly lower with the left joystick (Mode-2) while the orbit is executed.

thank you for your answer. unfortunatly, even with the left joystick during the orbit, it stop at 5 meters, (same type of limit as the smaller orbit size).

any idea if this sdk limit can be unlocked ?
maybe something with the general altitude, I don’t know where litchi can hide a feature like this

It can’t be unlocked.
You could further try blocking the downward sensors.

thank you again !
sure about the no possility ?
(I am new there, some of the litchi team are around sometimes ? )
I already fly without the downward sensor (flying at night, light attached under the drone, light painting photography)
don’t know about altitude / “use online elevation” setting , thinked there may be some tricks there ?