Orbit Mode Issue with rising and falling in flight

Hey, New here and using this app. I am using with both a M210 and a Mavic 2 Pro. The app is in crystal sky.
My issue seems to be with oscillation up and down while in the orbit without touching the sticks. The orbit seems spot on. But I can tell I am raising and lowering from what in my camera view. I also took notice that my altitude in the app was staying the same.

Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi James. Welcome to the Litchi forum.

What you describe sure sounds strange. DJI drones use barometric pressure to determine (and maintain) height. The altitude that is shown in the app is the height as determined by the barometric pressure. Since you noticed that the altitude readout in the app remained constant I would also assume that your flight logs would also show a constant altitude.

Normally the barometric pressure is pretty consistent with altitude however, I have experienced changes in pressure during the course of a flight. Things that can change the barometric pressure include air density and temperature. Can you describe the area where you experienced this change in height?

Two different cell tower sites here in the midwest. Seriously wide open fields. Wind was around 20mph occasional gust. But it was defiantly rising when going into the direction of the wind and falling as it came out of it.

Interestingly enough I just learned that the drones are using barometric pressure and not sat data while researching this issue.