Orbit mode and how to fix this

I have the Magic Mini. Im still a beginner/Novice at drones but know enough o be dangerous. I started using Litchi about 2 months ago… I like it so far… So here is my dilemma. I am a photographer but created a season highlight movie for my championship boys… Because it is a lacrosse co-op between the high schools… (Bristol Eastern and Bristol Central) I wanted to make the ending of the logos of their fields centered and blur into each other and fade into their logo… however in Litchi, I set the counterpoint to the center of the logo in the field, set it for 65ft is the height and 65ft radius. When I set it to go and start the video it is way off and is not centered. My second problem is when I set the gimbal to manual it will only go from 0 to 90… I can’t get it to stop anywhere else. If I can get it to 70, which would be perfect that way I can get Final Cut Pro to align a multi clip. I have a screenshot and video and what’s happening…

Thank you in advance

Here is the video…

You had heading mode “center”? From the video it seems you manually altered the heading angle with rc stick?

For smoother orbits, set angle velocity to a slower speed, then increase speed in post production as needed.

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That’s typical behaviour for Litchi Compatible drones that use the DJI Fly app (VSC drones).

VSC stands for Virtual Stick Commands.

Try the “Circel” Quickshot with the DJI Fly app.