Orbit Mission using Waypoints, not Orbit Mode

I am doing a construction progression project for a developer. ~35 acres, rectangular. I have completed 2 out of 8 monthly shoots, 12 missions/shoot. I run 2 orbits at different altitudes around the perimeter of the development using Waypoint mode. Numerous waypoints with all gimbal angles pointing toward center of plot of land. Start recording on Waypoint 1, end recording on last waypoint. When I run the mission, it gets recorded in TWO SEPARATE MP4 VIDEO CLIPS, instead of ONE continuous clip. It other words, at some point the camera STOPS recording, then STARTS again to continue the mission. Can anyone tell me why this may be happening? Thanks!!

I think the splitting of the video file into two is something to do with the cache storage limitations on the drone. My Phantom 3 Stanard will record about 3.5 Gb of imagery data on the card before it starts recording a new file. If your drone’s camera films in 4k such a split of the video into two files are assured.

This is a carryover of the FAT32 file system. FAT32 has a maximum file size of just under 4GB. Even though your card may be formatted using the exFAT file system (which does not have this limit), DJI drones still limit the individual file size to 4GB.

In your video editor, if you place the two files one after the other, you should not notice that the footage comes from two separate files. The final footage should look seamless.

Of course, if you reduced your video resolution, your entire mission may fit into one file provided that it is less than 4GB.


It’s called chaptering. Widely used in digital cameras like GoPro etc etc. Intention is to avoid corrupt media and has nothing to do with SD card filesystem. Natively DJI uses fat32 on SD card size 32Gb and exfat on sizes larger than that due to the owners manual.
No one would like a 60Gb video file for editing in any computer or mobile device I believe…

That’s an interesting take on the reason for the limit. However, it is not supported by anything I can find on the web. Can you provide a source for your statement?

Furthermore, I work with genomic data where the file sizes are many times larger than 60GB (not Gb). What does the size of the file have to do with its corruptibility?

You might find it beneficial to use any decent search engine on the world wide web, to educate urself on the topic “chaptering” in general and GoPro for example. Hence their explanation of rationality for this. Ok?

I use Google. Perhaps you could also enlighten me on what a good search engine is while you provide a source for the information you posted.


“Chaptering” is a term invented by GoPro and used by GoPro ONLY to make it appear as something they do intentionally.

The real reason is explained by @wesbarris in post #3.


Great to know. Thanks!

Thank you so much! I appreciate the info.