Orbit Height Question


I’m uncertain about the orbit height setting and just want to make sure I don’t crash in to the cliffs.

Looking at the picture.

A: Sea level = 0
B: Lighthouse height (above sea level) = 150 ft
C: Take off height (above sea level) = 250ft
D: Orbit height = ?

Lets say I want to orbit 150 ft above the max height of the lighthouse, what height would I set for the orbit?

Is it all relative to the take off height?

Thanks, just want to make sure I get it right! :slight_smile:

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Welcome @Simon_Cunliffe,

Are you using Altitude numbers from another source, or have you verified those with your drone?
If you havent verified those number, that would be my first suggestion. (Altitude, distance from Lighthouse to safe distance from cliffs, etc).

If you want to orbit 150 ft above the lighthouse, your drone would by flying about 50 ft over your head, easy for you to monitor it and be ready to STOP the orbit if you saw potential danger.

From the Litchi Help Info:


The orbit parameters (radius, altitude, speed) can be altered in real-time.

Good luck

Hi Sam

Thanks for the reply. No the numbers are just random made up to illustrate my question.

I’m hoping that (in my made up scenario) I set an orbit height of 50 ft from where I take off that it remains at that height for the full orbit, i.e. 300 ft above sea level.

I hope I’m making sense!? :slight_smile:



The altitude you set will be relative to the Home Position, not sea level. You’ll notice that the Altitude indicated on your screen will be “0” before the drone takes off, no matter your ‘sea level’ altitude.
Yes, it will remain at that altitude regardless of the terrain.
Hope that helps and you can get a favorable result.

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Hi Sam, thanks for that, yes that makes sense and has given me the reassurance I needed. Your response is appreciated. Simon