Orbit cour change to show progress

First of all, congrats kn a great alternative app for DJI. Since the release of DJI Fly app I have been using Litchi exclusively with a DJI Mini 2 for photogrammetry captures.

The Orbit mode is what is missing in Fly app so thanks for having this feature, it has enabled me to legally capture photogrammetry in places which was difficult/impossible before release of <250g drones.

So to my suggestions. When using Orbit mode and setting your parameters the yellow circle shows your Orbit, it would be good if as the drone is progressing through the Orbit, the yellow circle which the drone has flown turns red, so it will be clear when you have actually flown a full Orbit.

This sounds kind of lame, but it means you Fly a compete Orbit, no less and no more. Save some battery and memory card space when doing multiple site visits each day.

Thanks and keep up the great work, appreciate it!