Option to Shift-left and right clicks to set waypoints and POIs

I propose enabling the option to require using a Shift key with left and right clicks to set waypoints and POIs.

Far too frequently I’ll set an unintended waypoint when panning.

We already have Ctrl to multiple select. I think Shift is available.

Hello, for sure I’m constantly adding waypoints by mistake. I only use a computer with the hub.

But just know I thought they have to support apple, I guess they do never tried it, wife has a mac. She gave up asking me questions.

Let me know if missing your thought.

Rod …

Hi Rod.

I think it might be possible to get what I want with a userscript:

Catch all the click and contextmenu events (left and right clicks)
let them die

Catch all the Shift-left and Shift-right clicks
trigger click or contextmenu events

I don’t know how long it might take - I’m not a javascript expert by any means but my preliminary research suggests it might be possible.

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I know what Java is, piranha, linux, html, etc.

Programming, I only know Dbase (FoxPro). and MS-Dos of coarse.


The ship for my idea has sailed.
On my Linux desktop and laptop Shift and Shift-Ctl clicks and everything are already mapped.

They work for everything.

I suspect that is in the Google Maps API, and not worth the trouble.
I’ll just have to be more careful.

I use a bluetooth keyboard to build the missions on a big flat screen TV.
The touchpad and buttons are very sensitive.