On board - out of range missions with DJI Mini

Hi all,
I am not satisfied with the Joystick missions as these rely on continuous Excellent Quality connections between the transmitter and drone for smooth footage.
I have a P3 S with a broken gimbal which I tried unsuccessfully to fix with non-DJI Chinese parts from Ebay.
Just for fun, but I think is getting more serious, I set up a P3 Standard to carry a Mini and I am very happy with the results. The setup is about 1320 grams which is not a problem, I flew over 1000 km with a dual battery heavily modified P3 Standard which was about 1350 grams and there were no problems at all caused by the extra weight.
My first tests are very promising. There are no vibration-induced movements in the video and the “rig” flies well. There definitely is reduced aerodynamicity but I have flown it as hard as I could it in ATTI mode, full-throttle spins, up and down and so on, and it just goes nicely and reaches over 50 km/h. Mission mode is no problem as well, Including when there is no signal from the remote, I just turned it off and the mission continued as expected.
Here are some videos for those who are interested:
Video stability:

The “rig” in flight:

Happy Easter,

Wouldn’t it be easier for you to buy a dji pro?

This is pretty awesome ! Now you can fly a smooth waypoint mission

Hey thanks! When I will get a broken Mini I will remove all unnecessary parts and that will bring it under P3 weight and will improve flying characteristics :slightly_smiling_face:

My question is how do you press the record button on your mini 1?

Hey there, you use the Mini remote as you normally do.

Why do you need p3? Why do you need p3?

For smooth flying especially when panning and for mission to continue if the signal is lost. All Flyapp based drones can’t do this

Do you have 2 mobile phones? One controls the flight and the other video?

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