Official word on Litchi support for MSDK 5 (Mini 3 Pro, etc.) Please

The DJI MSDK that supports Mini 3 et al. has been out now about a month, and various Android apps using it (to various degrees of success) with the Mini 3 and Mini 3 Pro are already in circulation. It is fully understood that this can be a major software task and (depending on your code) can be a significant undertaking indeed.

That said, I have not seen any official word from Litchi regarding when they estimate a version with such support will be available, or even if they plan to support it anytime soon.

It would be unreasonable to ask for hard dates of course, but some sense of Litchi’s planning in this regard would be most welcome, so that users can make their own plans about how they will move forward now and in the near future.

Thanks very much.


I’ve posted this same question in several other online forums, but when it became clear to me that the Mini 3 would not be capable of storing all waypoint GPS data prior to takeoff, I became resigned to the fact that even if Litchi released their offering for the Mini 3, waypoint missions would terminate the instant RC controller signal connectivity faded.

Since beyond RC waypoint missions are the only use to which I put all my older drones, the Mini 3 Fly More package that I recently purchased along with two of the Plus batteries for extra range, will likely remain on the shelf as a fascinating conversation piece even if Litchi were to announce the inclusion of the Mini 3 to their list of DJI drones useable with their app.

More than likely I will sell off this Mini 3, having flown it just twice since acquiring it, and in the process noted that its RC signal reach amounts to less than a mile across the relatively flat terrain where I reside. By contrast, my older Mavic 1, Mavic 2, and Phantom 3 routinely cover 7 miles round trip over the course of every Litchi waypoint flight that I launch, of which an easy 80% of the mission extends far beyond RC signal reach.

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It can certainly be argued that any flying of these classes of drones after LOS from controller creates a lack of positive control that is a potential significant safety hazard – that includes flying with onboard waypoints when the controller has become disconnected. In any case, joystick mode waypoints are more than adequate for many applications, and so the issue of if and when Litchi will support the Mini 3 pro, etc., is of notable interest to many, even if not to you.

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Well I’m really disappointed to say the least that the Litchi team have yet to step up to the plate to provide any feedback whatsoever - perhaps the Litchi team is not interested in bringing new customers on board - which in turn the organization is leaving good money on the table - all we are asking is an update whether good or bad that’s all - but staying away with nothing but dead silence, I’m sorry to say - it surely leaves a bad taste in my mouth !

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This was my answer from DJI which I received in the middle of April.

Litchi Support (VC Technology Ltd)
15 Apr 2023, 11:29 BST

We are working on it and hope to release the first beta version in 1 or 2 months. It is a brand new app so it takes longer

Kind Regards,
Online help at Help - Litchi


Flying a drone beyond RC signal reach is certainly illegal in populated areas and in all regions under the jurisdiction of the FAA or CAA, so it is worth mentioning that I fly my drones exclusively over tropical rainforests out in the boondocks of a Third World backwater, where safety considerations for denizens of the tree canopy are of no real concern at least from a legal standpoint. Loss of the drone is a possibility but that hasn’t occurred so far, knock on my wooden noggin…

There is no further cause for alarm, fellow Mini 3 owners. You may resume going about your normal business without any undue concern with respect to entropy amid the cosmos.

On a related note, Nikki, would you consider it within the realm of possibility that DJI might change its stance by graciously permitting on-board waypoint GPS data storage for the Mini 3 prior to takeoff, in response to the widespread outcry of Mini 3 owners like me who acquired this model due to that 47-minute flight battery duration?

If such a concession might be made and waypoint GPS data is allowed to be uploaded in totality before takeoff for the Mini 3, are Litchi’s alchemists leaving open the door for such a capability so that IF beyond RC flights become feasible, the incorporation of that highly desirable feature won’t require extensive modification of the waypoint capability code that is due for release in a couple of months?

Would you please clarify how DJI is able to comment on software being created by Litchi?


Oops - I meant Litchi, not DJI!

Way above my paygrade (=not really sure what you are asking or why you are asking me).
But to hazard a guess, I would say no chance. I guess it is down to yet another means to limit flight of consumer drones to VLOS only to meet current regulations.

Well Nikki, this is about the worst news I’ve heard since my woman absconded without warning. I’m hoping that your conjecture might prove wrong with time BECAUSE the Mavic 3 is now capable of completing waypoint missions beyond signal reach using the DJI waypoint facility that was recently upgraded to make that possible. Clinging to that straw of hope I’ll delay selling my Mini 3 for a while longer.

Well, we can only hope!
I’m waiting patiently for any sort of waypoints for the Mini 3 pro. After all, any are better than none.

I always thought the VLOS rule would be a severe limit on drone flying, but with my M3P I sometimes find it’s capable working range is less than my VLOS. Sometimes I find the signal becomes intermittent / dieing out at less than 600m!
I wish I had kept my Phantom 3. That had good range AND waypoints!

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Thanks for clarifying about where you do your flying – that does make a difference, of course. And I’m glad to see that Litchi has said something about a version with MSDK 5 support for Mini 3 Pro, etc. (by the way, as I understand it, obstacle avoidance is disabled when using the MSDK 5, though there are rumors that this may change – which would be desirable). Hell, if they’re right about “1 or 2” months they could announce a Beta any day now! In theory, anyway.

Speaking of obstacle avoidance, keep in mind that the Mavic 1 and 2 come from an era of very different regulatory considerations, and the Mavic 3 has (AFAIK) a significantly more comprehensive obstacle avoidance profile than the Mini 3 Pro. So this would also tend to discourage expecting onboard waypoint support for the Mini 3 Pro.

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@Nikki - well I’m glad you received an answer in regards to our concern and the time frame as mentioned sound reasonable - now time will tell :slight_smile:

It would be most appreciated if Litchi can give word on how they will go about SDKv5 support.

Will it be parallell apps for SDKv4 and SDKv5 or will that be sorted out by choice of drone to connect to?

If new app will it have to be purchased separately? If so, how to get access to any beta release?

Time table of beta and first official release?

It would be a pity if all Mini 3 owners would have to resort to Dronelink´s beta.
Any information is better than to be left in speculations.

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Litchi has now said that they hope to get the first beta out by the end of this month.

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@Mats8888 Very good questions but unfortunately no answers. What I don’t get is why no one from the Litchi team is responding here on this forum - complete dead silence - hmmmm makes me wonder if anything good is going to come out from all of this ???

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Let´s hope they are too busy with coding and testing…

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I dont know the differences between MSDKv4 (current SDK and the version that has been supporting DJI drones going back to the early Phantom days) and MSDKv5.
It could be as different as ecru vs. beige … or it could be as different as black and white.
My guess is that the SDK’s are SO different and thats why it will take a complete re-write of Litchi.
Yes. I know … there are other software companies that have released a Beta version. I havent read or heard about anyone giving it a review, raving or otherwise.
I’m just glad that I have a couple of drones that will still fly with the current edition of Litchi.

I do agree that it would be nice to get any kind of developmental word for the new birds.
Patience isnt my strong suite either.

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DJI have some information on their developer pages.
There is a list comparing v4 and v5.
Most of the functions are listed as “similar” in v4 and v5.
Maybe 25% or so are listed as more different.

I guess a number of junior developers could take care of the similar functions
and leave the more senior developers to do the rest.
Have no idea of how big the workforce is so maybe it is only a few.

Maybe they can employ ChatGPT ? :slight_smile:

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