Obstacle and Waypoints

If there is an obstacle in the way from one waypoint to another will the drone try to avoid it?

Depends on which drone

Oh, I can answer this question from personal experience. My Mavic pro was on a waypoint mission for which I set the altitude a whopping 50 feet too low. When I reviewed the footage later, I saw the drone heading straight for a palm tree before slamming on the brakes, making an abrupt U-turn, and heading straight back towards the launch point WITHOUT completing the waypoint mission. In short, any obstacle sensed along a waypoint mission will cause the drone to ABORT the rest of the waypoint mission and head directly home.

If it was a mavic mini, it would crash into a tree and the mission is over :wink:

Ha ha this brings to mind that existential question: If a Mavic Mini crashes into a tree in the middle of a forest where no recording device is present, can the event be described to have made a sound?