Obstacle and Waypoints

If there is an obstacle in the way from one waypoint to another will the drone try to avoid it?

Depends on which drone

Oh, I can answer this question from personal experience. My Mavic pro was on a waypoint mission for which I set the altitude a whopping 50 feet too low. When I reviewed the footage later, I saw the drone heading straight for a palm tree before slamming on the brakes, making an abrupt U-turn, and heading straight back towards the launch point WITHOUT completing the waypoint mission. In short, any obstacle sensed along a waypoint mission will cause the drone to ABORT the rest of the waypoint mission and head directly home.

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If it was a mavic mini, it would crash into a tree and the mission is over :wink:

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Ha ha this brings to mind that existential question: If a Mavic Mini crashes into a tree in the middle of a forest where no recording device is present, can the event be described to have made a sound?

Does the Litchi app only fly forwards and backward between waypoints. I ask because my Air 2S does not have sideways obstacle avoidance.

@TomKennelly, the drone will face whatever direction that you tell it to. If you want it to point to a (POI) or Point of Interest, then it will face in that direction or if you just want the drone to pan in a certain direction, then it will do that too. The IMPORTANT thing to remember is to always check your flight path before you fly to make sure you are either above any obstacles or insert waypoints around the obstacle so the drone can safely maneuver.