Not response from app

With last beta, today i make a follow me

(Mini 2, redmi 8 4ram ) airplane mode for no interference

Followme works, again my problem with , where the hell are the north here, and lots of numérical data… Follow me from the actual point , actual altitud, actual direction, actual distancie, actual ALL.


IF I TELL YOU , please, follow me to my home, YOU do not ask me … From north? From the other street? At what distancie? Noooo… You follow me…

Well, i was tryng five times, spendiing 5 minutes, aborting fly, restarting fly, another start… And then…after follow about 3 minutes ( i do Not need more) the program do Not respond to stop. Click on stop and nothing…go to circle mode or waypoint, and nothing… GUI works but i can have Not control over the drone, (making hover about 10 meters in front of me)

Restart the app and all works again…

No others apps on background ( of course Instagram or WhatsApp services Not workimg because i was in airplane)

Sorry for my english and my autocorrector, is trying all time to put each Word in spanish

Read the online manual: