Not all Orbit Settings Appear When Flying DJI Mini 2

I have a DJI Mini 2 drone. I usually fly with the DJI app but switch to Litchi app for the ability to use the Orbit mode for taking pictures for 3D model building.

When I just open the app on my iPhone, and select Orbit, and place the blue location pin, and then tap the blue pin a dialog opens for setting the Orbit instructions. I find a long list of things including speed which I would like to use in order to slow down the drones flight on the mission so I have a better change to capture overlapping images.

But when I actually connect the controller and the Litchi app and my DJI Mini 2 drone, and tap the blue placement pin, I only see the options for Altitude and Radius.

Why does this happen and can I get back those missing functions?

I am embarrassed. I’ll answer my own question as it may help some other person.

The answer to why I did not see the other functions is that I did not scroll down in the dialog window. =)