No way for drawing tracking target on screen

Hello ! I 'm using Litchi app with m’y Mavic Mini 1 installed on a Redmi note 10 pro phone. When i select the track mode off the menu, it’s impossible to draw a green zone around the target to track…instead, thé follow me mode operate well…any idea about this problem ? Thanks

I think it tracks your controller, but I could be wrong

The specificity of tracking mode is the ability to follow a moving target other than the carrier of the controller, e.a. a Friend riding a bike…


You must be connected to the aircraft and pinch your target on the camera view. More information at Help - Litchi

Maybe you’re not aware yet but the “gesture” to select isn’t the same as in DJI GO/Fly.
In litchi it is to do the “gesture” of “zooming” from the center of your subject, the same way you zoom in a photo on your phone, but now on your subject in Litchi, then it sohuld work.

Pinching means: you have to use 2 fingers.