No terrain showing in litchi mission hub

I have been using litchi for a few years, I live in a mountainous area and set way points on the points along my path. Today I opened mission hub on my computer and the map shows no terrain, just a basic map like google maps. Is this some kind of an update or just a glitch I’m encountering?

there is uselly a menu that you can use to turn the terrain on and off, but that menu is missing

Im gettting frustrated trying to make this work. When something works great why change it? It needs the satellite imagery to be able to actully plot missions. No way to accractly do in on a flat map.

Cick on the Settings button/wheel (lower-left-corner) and choose the map-type you want.


This happened to me as well yesterday November 17th, 2023 for the first time ever, and it took me some head-scratching minutes to find the menu option that restores the usual default satellite view as helpfully shown by Tribar above. Now that I hear of others seeing the same map anomaly within the same 24-hour span of time, it is safe to assume this oddity was a system-wide global reset that is thankfully resolvable via the settings menu.

It is not a reset. Instead, it is an update of the Mission Hub. There are some new features including an alternate way to add POIs, and a new way to insert waypoints.

We are indeed making updates to Mission Hub to make it mobile friendly among other things. As part of these updates, the map type setting has moved to the settings window to free up some room on the map.

We’ve also just restored the default map type to satellite, after reading your feedback, thank you!

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That lightning-fast response to user feedback is appreciated Vico. While you’re within earshot I’d like to mention that the new waypoint camera direction indicator arrow is much more difficult for my old eyes to see clearly, as compared with the old version bird’s beak that really stood out clearly in the Mission Hub screen.

If the option to change that waypoint camera direction indicator back to the earlier version were to be offered, my preference would definitely be for the earlier version. Litchi users with sharper eyesight than mine may not agree with my preference, so they would likely leave the update as is, even if the user-selectable option was offered to revert that icon back to its previous appearance.

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Yes I appriciate the fast user feedback. All is well now, I’ve been plotting missions all morning.