No License Found for Beta

I downloaded the Android app and trying to log in but I get the following error message:
No License Found
Early access to Litchi Pilot’s beta requires a valid Litchi for DJI drones license

My Litchi account works for flying my Mavic Air. I would like to try it with my DJI Mini 3 Pro.

You have to press the “Log In” button, not the “Sign Up” button.

Yes, I pressed Log In.

Well, if you say so… I’m not convinced.

"Log In" pressed:

"Sign Up" pressed:

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you logging in with the same details as your existing license

You may need to sync your Litchi license using the previous app. Make sure you have the latest Litchi for DJI drones mobile app installed on your mobile device (iOS 2.13.2 or higher, Android 4.22.2 or higher) and that you are connected to your account in Litchi on the mobile device. To connect to your Litchi account in the mobile app, tap on the top left corner mode icon, then scroll to “Log in”. Once you are connected to your Litchi account in the mobile app, go to the general Litchi settings then tap on ‘Check and Sync License’ to sync your license. Then the problem in Litchi Pilot should disappear

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