No Camera View, Pilot Beta 155

Has anyone else had this problem? I have no camera view, just the map view. I lost the feed a couple betas ago hoping it would come back with updates. My minipro 3 flies the mission, but blind for me. This is using a TCL T671G phone and DJI RC-N1 controller. I see there are old topics for the litchi app not for Pilot, but I didn’t see a solution. I did check to make sure that the DJI app was forced closed. Thanks

No, new beta 155 worked well for me though only my first outing yesterday…(M3,Non-pro,also RC-N1…)Did you let “Pilot” send its report to developers? They’d probably be interested in this…

I have the same problem. Ran a mission but only showed map view the whole time. Running Beta 222. Any ideas?

It started working again for me a couple builds ago. I have build 211 on my phone right now. I hope I don’t lose it again with an update. . . I have read to force quit the dji app before running pilot. Good luck