No camera view on DJI AIR

I don’t have camera view in Litchi, all other functions are OK (in DJI GO4 I have camera view ) Any good advice, please?

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Make sure you close ALL background apps before starting Litchi, this also includes DJI GO 4.
Make sure only 1 USB-port on your controller is occupied (either micro-USB or USB-A).

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Thank you for your answer. I try it again. iPhone XS.

Litchi for iOS is not yet compatible with Mini 2, Mini SE and Air 2S as DJI did not release an update for the iOS SDK yet. DJI plans to release the update on 31st March 2022. Litchi’s iOS beta will be updated shortly after.

Checked latest firmware, erased and newly record app Litchi. Restarted iPhone. Camera is working, I made some pictures and clips from Litchi app, but live view is not visible, screen is black. I have DJI Mavic AIR and iPhone XS.
Any other advice? Thanks in advance.

Try another USB-cable.

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I just bought and installed on my ipad last night Aug 10th 2022. I just tried Litchi on my mavic pro and Air 2 and Air2s. I could not see the camera on the ipad app at all on any of those 3 drones. Is there something I need to do or turn on to be able to see the camera?

Force Close all DJI apps (GO4 & Fly) before starting Litchi.

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As you have already been told, you have to force the closure of the apps, but not simply close them with a Swap, but go to the RC settings, then to “apps, controls and its features” then to the running apps and from there, if they are still running, it should be highlighted, “FORCE STOP” Then restart litchi and test if everything is ok.

Hi I just got the Litichi App for IOS and also have no camera view? I’m not sure how to close down the DJI fly app which is probably running in the back ground and where to go to try and close it? Can anyone help please? I would like to be able to switch between DJI and Litchi as and when I like.