No android flight log

Hey guys,

So I am an android user. I cannot find the correct folder that has my flightlogs in and I have now looked using multiple apps on my pc and phone but cannot find the “Android/data/com.aryuthere.visionplus/files/flightlogs”. It must be hidden somewhere as the flights seem to be syncing to airdata UAV but for the life of me I can’t find the logs.

has anyone had this issue?



@Luke_Gordon ,

Here is some info to help you locate the flight logs.
Scroll down a bit to find “Locating Your Flight Logs”.
If you are using the new Litchi Pilot Beta, I’m not sure where those are located.

In Windows Explorer, make sure to checkmark “hidden Files/Items” to make them visible.


You can download the original flightlogs from Airdata UAV.

hi @Sam_G and @TriBar thanks for the replies.

Ok so the link you provided Sam, the only thing I haven’t tried is the SD Refresh. But I have tried everything else. I can see the ndroid\data\dji.go.v5\files\FlightRecord file but there are only a few .txt files in here. I cannot for the life of me find any file related to Litchi.

Tribar, ya I can which is great but right now I would love a .csv file of all flights. Not sure that is even possible through the flight logs. I will keep syncing to Airdata UAV and try a SD refresh and see what I can see. p.s. I am on a mac.

Thank you both

Hi Luke, I’ve found them on my phone under:

XQ-BT52\Internal shared storage\Android\data\dji.go.v5\files\FlightRecord

Where XQ-BT52 the root is of my phone and Internal shared storage the internal memory of my phone.

FWIW, Menno Graaf

That’s the location for DJI Fly logs, NOT Litchi logs !!

Hi TriBar, you are right and that is not a bit stupid from me. I apologize and thanks for bringing this up. I have DJI Fly on my phone and I have Litchi on my iPad, so can’t answer the question where to find them on an android device.

Hey all, thanks. I still can’t find the flight logs on my phone but they have all been uploaded to airdata UAV so I am not sure where they are, but they are there somewhere. I will keep looking.

According to Airdata Help:

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upload CSV files myself, instead of using the auto-upload?
Yes, you can use the regular upload page to upload the Litchi V2 CSV files.
Flight logs are stored in the phone’s internal storage in the “LitchiApp/flightlogs” folder.

That’s only on iOS devices.
NO such folder exists on android devices.

The correct android folder is listed in the very first post.
Why he can’t see/find this folder on his Mac, I don’t know.

You are right, TriBar. My mistake was taking Airdata’s information as face value. I should know better.

After some exchange today with Airdata Support, they told me this: