Newbie trying to get started

THanks for the greeting, as a newbie, I am just learning how to use the forum but I have one simple question. I bought the app and put on an ipad air, i looked at the ug and powered my DJI controller and DJI Mavic Pro up and let them warm up, then I started Litchi and only got a screen with available streams with NOTHING listed. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks to anyone who might chime in.


I dont understand what you are seeing or not seeing.
Did you STOP the DJI Go4 app before launching Litchi?
Were you able to see the camera view thru your Litchi app?

Yes stopped dji go4, only Litchi running. No cannot see anything from camera, Have Ipad Air with app running hooked up to the DJI controller via usb, drone is on. turn on Litchi get a screen with window in middle has Available Streams at top DONE on top rt of this window, below in the window there are no available stream names? Then at the bottom it says: Make sure the device running Litchi and this device are both connected to the same WI-FI network.

What does this even mean? Available streams? You will need to post a screen snapshot.

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pictures of setup and iPad, also on user guide, what do I need to do on this point:
When starting the app for the first time after installation, you will need to be connected to Internet in order to register the app with DJI servers

Does this help??

second pic:

Ok. Mystery solved. The app you are showing is not Litchi. That would explain why no one here knew what you were talking about when you said “Available Streams”. There is no such thing in Litchi.

What you are showing is Litchi Vue. You need to download and install just “Litchi”.

Litchi Vue is used to mirror the display from Litchi onto a second device.

updating my ipad air to ver 17, will download (again) from apple store. I will try again in a few minutes to see if I got the right one this time.

Thanks for you help.

Thanks much!! I do not know how I downloaded vue, it asked for payment and I think it charged me, but I will check. at any rate I can now go on my trip and have a working drone. I have set up some waypoints and will try when I get to my destination. Again, thanks for your help!!


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