Newbie needs help, and I do mean Newbie

Just bought my first drone. DJI Air 2s. Purchased Litchi and trying to understand it so lay mans terms please if and when responding. My first question is in the attached screen shot…
POI Settings

I am pretty sure that the altitude shown in this screenshot refers to the elevation of the POI ( Point of Interest), either as determined by barometric pressure readings as an elevation above sea level, OR alternatively is in reference to an elevation difference between the home point where the drone was launched, and the top of the POI.

For example, if the POI was a tall building, that altitude figure would refer to the height of the building above the ground level elevation at the launch point. More informed viewpoints will likely offer a better perspective on this question, so my ramblings need not be regarded as entirely valid.

Are you 100% on that. Seems strange to me to have an altitude setting on waypoints and on POI settings. Doesn’t make sense…

You are on the right track. The altitude setting for the Point Of Interest is the height to which the camera will focus. The drone will not descend to the altitude of the POI setting.
If you are flying a Waypoint mission, then the altitude of the Waypoint setting will determine the height from which the drone will fly.
If you are flying an Orbit mission, you can control the altitude of the drone and get different low-level or high-level views as your drone flies a circle around the POI.
Welcome to the drone flying world. Ask questions, and you will get answers here.


Seeing as the screenshot is of a POI and not a waypoint, my semi-informed speculation is that the altitude showing is NOT in reference to the drone’s altitude, but to the elevation of the POI which could either be a point on the ground, or a tall structure of known height at that location.

Fortunately, far more knowledgeable Litchi users than me frequent this forum, and will likely be able to offer more informed opinions about this screenshot.

In the POI box, the height set will be the point above ground that the camera centres
and focuses on, at those co-ordinates.
Does not matter where the drone is.
Eg, for a car, use 0 metres height. A lighthouse, use 30 metres.
Put a Tick in the above ground box.

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Many thanks guys for the very speedy and extremely helpful responses.
I’ll apologise now but sorry… I’ll be back with more questions…lol
most likely in response to camera settings and Litchi’s apparent ability to record the screen.

Thank you all.
Very much appreciated…

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Some of us might read more, but you probably have more Litchi flying miles than all the rest of us forum helpers combined! There is nothing like real world experience when working out problems.

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