New to Litchi - need to planify taking pictures in specific places

Hello sorry I am new to Litchi, hope you can help.

I plannified a mission through mission hub with some waypoints and everything looks fine. But a part a “flying mission” I need at the same time I have to do some pictures in some specific points at differents hights and I don’t know how to set up this. I have 6 specifics spots where I need to take pictures from the drone. How I can set this? I have to create POI for each point? I have to create 6 different missions? Thanks for your help!


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Hi Luca. I worked out how to accomplish this by selecting each Waypoint in Mission Hub, choosing the Altitude you want, and then add Actions by hitting the + sign at the bottom left. I added a Stay for 10s, Tilt Camera 90, Take Photo, Stay for 3s actions and this worked out to take the Photos I needed.

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When you’re new to Litchi, you should start by reading & studying the Litchi Online User Guide:

Thanks for your answers, I realized another solution can be to set the waypoints and then pause the mission on them to take some picture, I think it should word. At the same time today I lost my drone, for some reasons I lost the signal and for some more mysterious one the function go back home did not worked… :frowning: RIP Phantom 4

There ought to be a way to trace that lost drone with the flight data. The Phantom Pilots Forum may have more insights about how to find the drone. It may be closer than you think, and just waiting for you to follow the GPS bread crumbs to the crash site which may even be a gentle landing site after low battery RTH kicked in during that Litchi mission.

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Hello thanks I tried and had this unfortunately is where I tried to find it, trees are very high and dense and I think I lost the signal because of a failure in the battery of the iPad so I guess this is not the drone is…

Actually you can see that the drone battery was ok but probably not the iPad because I lost the signal and even if the battery on ipad was still around 50% then after 20 seconds the ipad went off… GRRR!

Phantom should have completed the mission even after a disconnect from the controller or depending on your settings in Litchi it should have returned to the home point on signal loss.

Hi James,
it should have but he did not… I wait some long minutes at the home point… on thing, as altitude for retourning to the home point it was written N/A… does this explain a possible crash just after the signal was lost as the drone could have go down?

Thanks for your inputs!

This is because you were not connected to your drone. The RTH height is stored in the drone. When viewing this setting without a drone connected, it will just show N/A.


Your flight path, by itself does not tell the complete story. We can’t tell from that where your final waypoint was in your mission. At loss of signal, the Phantom 4 would complete the mission and then return to home unless you had changed the default settings.

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Thanks a lot, I will go to see the final point, but I think it was set to come back home after.