New to Litchi - Having a few issues

Hello there! I specialize in aerial timelapse and have outgrown the native DJI app. I downloaded Litchi and am not yet blown away by it’s features. Hopefully it’s simply user error and you can help me sort it out.

• I like to setup a waypoint mission and then run it in reverse to save battery life. I just set up a waypoint mission with three waypoints. When beginning the mission it let me select the starting waypoint. Unfortunately it would only let me select waypoints 1 and 2 not my 3rd. I then added a 4th waypoint in nearly the same spot and was then able to select the 3rd as my starting point. But then the drone didn’t move at all. I’m guessing that’s because it started at the 3rd and then was going to the 4th which was in the same spot. My main question here is “how do I select the last waypoint in a mission as the starting point?”

• The “poor GPS connection” warning keeps popping up. This is not always a concern for me… How do I get this to disappear since there’s no “X” option in the window?

• Is 2 seconds still the lowest photo interval even with Litchi?

I’m sure I’ll have more questions but that’s what I’ve run into so far. Thank you so much for any help!

0.1 second minimum photo interval

Ok great thank you! Perhaps you could help me in setting that up?
I went to “interval mode” and the lowest option was 2 seconds. I have a pretty fast card in the drone. What am I missing? Thanks!

To make the drone fly backward, you need to set a negative speed.

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Ok. I’ll give that a go, thank you!

Hyperlapse photos can be taken in this way

Interesting. I didn’t see that menu at all. Can I access that without the drone in the air to check it out? My issue is I’m trying to learn this app while the drone is in the air which can be rushed and somewhat stressful. Even if there’s a tutorial somewhere that would be great. Thank you!

Start litchi and go into waypoint mode.

Tutorial at

I wondered why it was possible to set negative speeds in Litchi. This is the first time I have stumbled on an explanation detailing Litchi’s interpretation of those negative speed values. I always assumed that to make a drone fly backward, one needed to set the camera heading at each waypoint to point rearward along the course already traveled.

Negative speed. What a concept. The very idea belongs to the Twilight Zone, along with negative time durations. That next signpost up ahead…

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Don’t forget that you can plan your waypoint missions to perfection on your desktop computer, before saving them such that they automatically copy to the smart device that you use for drone flying. Learning the peculiarities of Litchi while your drone is airborne could result in errors