I am using Litchi for the Waypoint missions which are not available with DJI App. I have performed 2 waypoint missions, which made me very nervous as Litchi took control of my Little Red 2S, and flew away…out of my comfortable grassy park area, and ascended for WP1. My Flight path took her over the L.A. Aqueduct for a beautiful morning test flight. A short run, then circle and another run back towards home! Looking good on my screen, fingers crossed! I can hear her now! Her she comes…and completes the missions!!!

On to the viewing of the mission. A little disappointing here…some jerkiness with camera/gimbal movement. But I know Litchi warned about it, so I’m ok with that as they do seem to be aware of the issue. With some tweaking it my be very good.

I don’t know if people are interested in viewing my missions, but I’ll try to figure out how. Just let me know, and if Litchi needs a BETA USER?? Thanks all!

This is a question for Litchi admin… sorry… Is/when Litchi compatible with Crystal Sky for the Air 2S… Mahalo

We currently use Litchi with our Inspires, Phantoms and Mavic’s… on the Crystal Sky

Check the ‘Whats New’ page.
Litchi for DJI screens is the Android version.
(Yes it is)

Are you a Litchi rep… I only ask because I asked this question a while back (when it was available for Android - but NOT for Crystal Sky… Litchi made a point of warning us about that) and was told it would be available in the near future… is this the “near future”… because we would love to use Litchi to fly our Air 2s - we hate, hate, hate the new “FlyAp” - if it is available for the CS, how does one go about loading it… its been years since we had to jump through hoops to load it originally.

Much Mahalo…

No Litchi rep…
Version 4.20.0 supported the Air2S, but did not support the CS any more.
Version 4.21.0 restored support for CS.
Version 4.21.2 fixed some issues.
Version 4.21.3 is the latest, and now fully supports the Air2S with firmware update v02.04.21.50.

I bought it from Amazon and is updating on my CS at this moment.

Instructions are here:

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Aloha TriBar…
Mahalo for your answers… I was just looking over the past updates and see where at 4.21 they included CS…
Mahalo for taking the time on your end…
Safe flying brah…

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