New gallery, no show

Ok, tried the new gallery today, and this is all i see on my tab 7fe 5g, DJI Fly shows the images that are on the card

If the drone is Mini 2, it is a known issue in the DJI SDK , we’ve reported it to them

Yep, it certainly is a mini 2 :+1:

You probably know this already but in the latest DJI fly app for mini2 DJI have scrapped the gallery in the app & everything downloads directly to the phone, at least on Android…

Hi all,
I report the same problem on mini 1
Though Litchi names the files correctly.

I think you did not give it enough time to download the previews.

How much is “enough time” ???
When I open the gallery, nothing comes up and the date is wrong, but I don’t see anything in the settings to fix it.

If there are a lot of files, it takes a very long time, or it doesn’t work.

Really !! !??? too bad, i’ll have to give it another chance.

Is it always like this or only the first time ?

If you have a lot of photos and videos, it will work very slowly.

I copied files while there was a new flash drive, now I don’t even try anymore

The file copy speed of 4MB/s is very slow even for 1080p video.


Many months and no clear answer as to why I can’t see photos and videos in my gallery.
Classification date starts far away in the futur, and when i scroll down I find some wandering photos, not knowing why these are here and not the others, and not at the right time.

Is it only my app or everybody with mini 1 have the same problem ?

Besides, from DJI Fly I can easily scroll through all the photos and videos indistinctly shot by DJI Fly or Litchi.