New Device App Installation

Trying to install app on my phone, as original iPad is broken. I only see an option to pay again on the App Store. Am I able to keep my paid purchase on a new device?

If the phone is an iPhone and you use the same apple account then yes you can use the same license

Gild das auch für Android ?

Ja, auch für Android

Vorrei sapere come dalla app aperta si possano vedere le foto e video scattate

Hey I can’t get active track to work I downloaded it from the play store. I can draw the square around me but it won’t follow me… what do I do.?

Non è possibile con Litchi

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From the online User Guide:
Warning Because Litchi decodes the video, runs the algorithms to track the object and renders the video, all of this in real-time, a high performance mobile device is required. Be sure to close all background applications and screen recorders before using Track. Video lag will kill tracking.

Questa è una grave pecca secondo me dovrebbero fare qualcosa. Inoltre vorrei sapere come si abilita FCC, grazie

Is the app the same whether you download it from litchi or from the app store?
I’m using a Note20 Ultra 5G, it should work on this phone right
How do I kill all background apps, can’t I just put it on Airplane mode, so it’s not transmitting or receiving anything, that kills everything right?
Then it should work ! Right ?